We have ran advertisements in local magazines, coupon mailers, as well as on-line companies designed for the construction industry, such as and Craig’s list, but our biggest form of advertising comes from “Word of Mouth”!

Below you will find a list of our “Featured Projects”.

Amy Residence

Andrew Residence

Anita Residence

Ayers Residence

Barb  Residence

Bracchi’s  Residence

Brian ‘s  Residence

Caroline Residence

Charles Residence

D.J. Residence

Ella Residence

Green Residence

Gross Residence

Hanks Residence

Hightower Residence

Jenn Residence

Jennifer Residence

Jeremy Residence

Jim’s Residence

John’s Residence

Julie Residence

Kelly Residence

Kull Residence

Lisa Residence

Melissa Residence

Singh Residence

Steiger Residence

Terry Residence

Upchurch Residence

Zoe’s Residence

Take some time and browse through what we have done for others. References can be furnished upon request.

Thanks –

Travis Hoff, Titan Home Improvements LLC.

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